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A mixture of designer frames and boutique stylists
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Boutique Frames with Incredible Style

At Jonathon Bryan we don’t take your frames seriously, we take them extremely seriously. As a business, we have become known as one of the best in the country for finding your perfect style. Our service is like going to Saville Row and getting a tailor-fitted suit, or flying to Milan to be dressed by the finest or like… you get the picture. We have team of stylists – because that’s what they are, stylists – don’t just pick one frame, they pick several, and then refine. 

The experience of buying designer, boutique frames should be like that of purchasing any luxury item; with time and patience. They need to feel right, they need to be absolute in their comfort and they need to look great. 

Symmetry, shape, frame thickness, contrasting… basically, details. This is what makes an ordinary frame, extraordinary and it’s what we do at Jonathon Bryan opticians; the extraordinary. 

So, if you’re looking for boutique frames with a service to match, then you should look no further. 

Designer Frames & Sunglasses In One Place

Whether it is designer frames or sunglasses, we hold them here, in our city-centre shop. We have connections to the industry and established ties with the biggest designer houses and the more interesting independent boutique designers and manufacturers. As a result, this leaves us well-positioned to have a frame and style you’re looking for. 

For many, it can feel like a culture shock when coming to buy a pair of glasses. Our experiences of airport lounge waiting areas have taught us that we can pick something up and throw us into the holiday mood. But what if, that pair of glasses didn’t look right? What if that pair of glasses had no real purpose other than just a holiday pair? 

That’s why we stock some of the biggest brands in the world, names you’ll recognise and names you’ll have a history with, with one major difference, there will be someone else to guide you through the buying process than a bleary-eyed duty-free assistant.  

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Reasons To Choose Jonathon Bryan

Luxury Frame Collection
A Thorough Eye Examination & Health Check
A Team Of Experienced Professionals
Lifelong Commitment To Glasses Aftercare
Independent Business of 35 Years

Boutique Frames &
Global Brands

Because of our associations with the global brands and boutique makers of London, Paris, Milan & New York, we have a unique group of designs and styles available in our Chester city-centre store. 

These are just some of the brands that we work with to bring you the unique styles that our shop carries. If we don’t hold a frame, we can always order a pair in. If you click on the logos (side/below) you will be taken to their sites directly. If you see something you like, let us know and we can order them into our store and you can try them on.

As per all of our frames and glasses, we work with you to make sure they look great and fit properly. Our in house technicians will make alterations and we will talk through different options and see what suits you best. 

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